University of Wisconsin Carbone cancer center

Fundraising Tips

Tips for Success

After you have created your online fundraising page, you will want to get the word out to build momentum. Here are five steps you should consider right away:

  1. Customize your page. Add your own images and text to the page.

  2. Set a goal. Show your network you're dedicated to your cause and won't rest until it's met.

  3. Donate to your page. Show your commitment to the cause by being the first person to make a donation on your page.

  4. Spread the word. Reach out to family, friends, co-workers or other close contacts to get your fundraiser started; it's easy to promote your own page on social media and send emails directly from the fundraising page.

  5. Update your supporters. Keep your audience engaged by posting progress updates on your fundraising page.

 For fundraising ideas, please check out this infographic from UW Carbone’s Race for Research!