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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When making your donation, you will be asked for this information.

Can my gift be in honor or memory of someone?

Yes! When making a donation, you will be asked where you'd like your donation to go. If your preference is not listed, please select "Other" and write in the comment section your desired fund. We will do our best to accomdate your request.

Do you offer disease-specific fundraising?

Can I use UW Carbone's tax exempt number?

We cannot allow third party affiliates to use UW Carbone's tax exempt number per IRS regulations.

Can UW Carbone help me plan my event?

We can help guide you through the process in a number of ways, but cannot commit a staff member to help plan the logistics of your fundraiser. Please refer to our Community Partner Fundraising Toolkit and Resource Guide for a list of what we can help you accomplish, and fill out a Community Partner Fundraising Form to let us know about your wonderful event.

We can request a representative from UW Carbone to attend your event when available. This could include a researcher, a doctor, or member of the development team. Please fill out the Speaker Request form and a member of the development team will get back to you.

Can you guarantee the attendance of physicians or staff at our event?

Goods and services apply when donors are getting something tangible for their contribution. For example, the goods and services for your ticketed event is the cost that you pay for each registration. That means if a $100 ticket to the event includes a t-shirt and a meal, we need to know the value of the t-shirt and meal. If the shirt is $3 and the meal is $10, your goods and services for each $100 is $13. The goods and services portion of the ticket is not tax-deductible.

What are goods and services and why do I need to report them?